Why are we

Personal concierge manager will provide comfortable conditions for your stay in Thailand. We will help from meeting at the airport before organizing your leisure time.
The quality and availability of comfortable housing is the mission of the professional Metrics Development team
Reducing energy consumption
Through use in construction modern technologies such as - use of athermal films, “cold roof”, smart climate solutions managed to achieve energy savings of 34%.
Applies to construction, finishing, communications and support systems. The warranty period is from 1 to 3 years depending on the object.
The management company will take over all the worries associated with maintaining the villa. In addition to maintenance, the company will also undertake further rental of housing.
Attention to detail
We build with knowledge and taking into account local climate. For example, we use waterproofing the foundation so as not to allow moisture to rise through the concrete into the house (not all developers use this).
We have built many objects, including on the sea coast. That's why we carefully select team of builders and carefully We control the construction process.